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Please register your test using the link in the email when you registered.

IMPORTANT - Do not share the link contained in that email with anyone as it will invalidate your test. You will not be able to get a certificate and If someone fills in on your link their ceritifcate will also not be valid.

If you ordered a single Antigen Test for Val Thorens or RISE please follow the link in the email you got when you purchased the test.

The video below provides a step by step demonstration on how to take your Antigen test.

The graphic below shows how to interpret your results.

When you do your test please place on top of the strip at the bottom of the photo page of your passport send to the link emailed to you when you registered.

Please ensure you take the photo in even light, avoiding shadows and that the photo is sharp and clear.

Our clinicians will confirm your result and will email you the results and certificate with Fit To Fly.



Please leave your sample to a RANDOX dropbox for the quickest turnaround.

Click here to find your closest RANDOX drop box.

NOTE - If you leave to a DX Dropbox you may not get your results in time.

Also DO NOT FORGET to register your kit here or you may not get any results at all.

If you need any help please just hit reply or give us a call on +44 7561 180 683.