How to Return Your Sample

Our preferred method for sample return is for your sample to be left into one of our clinics. 

We have locations at Belfast International Airport (at McCauslands), in Letterkenny in the car park of the Clanree Hotel and in Bridgend, Careys Amusements, Co. Donegal.

You can also avail of Randox's network of dropbox's across the UK and Northern Ireland.

If our clinics or a drop box is not accessible in your area we recommend using a DX drop box, each kit should include a DX return label.

If these return options do not suit your needs, you are also able to return your sample by arranging an alternative courier. This alternative courier must be able to accept a biological sample. Please note that arranging an alternative courier is at your own risk and any issues with these 3rd parties must be dealt with directly with them.

Our preferred method for sample return is to return to one of our clinics as we hand deliver your sample to the lab in the quickest time possible.


No need to make an appointment, just check the opening hours for our clinics here and drop your test off. 


Please view below to see where your closest Randox Drop Box Location is and its closing time.

Please note Randox Drop Box Locations and closing times are subject to change.

Please ensure you check the map before dropping off your sample. We are continually adding more Randox Drop Boxes to improve our service, so there may be some drop boxes listed on our map that are not open yet. To check the date that a drop box is open from, click on the location description on the map.





For the most up to date DX drop box locations click here.

To return your sample with DX follow the return packing instructions from your kit.

If you have a DX return label in your order, please apply this to the OUTER PACKAGE. Do not cover the UN3373 logo. Please keep a record of your tracking number.

DX provide options for customers to return their sample to our laboratory in Northern Ireland, which should arrive next day. DX Depots/MBE sites are currently open to accept sample returns Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Please note, drop off times vary by site as per the listing on the DX website so click here for your DX drop opening hours.

Please contact DX on 0333 2415100 to enquire where your closest DX location is to collect your returns labels.

Please note DX MBE sites can charge for DX return labels.

You do not need to book your sample drop off if you are going to a DX Depot. You only need to book if you are dropping off at an MBE store. Click here to book an MBE drop. Customers can use their URN number to book their sample drop if they do not have a DX tracking label.

Once you have completed the sample collection process click here to register your sample online and drop it off at an approved DX location.

Please be aware DX locations have varying closing times so please check the DX website to find out the closing time of your nearest DX location.

Please keep a record of your tracking number and sample URN as this may be required at a later stage for reference.

Information, including FAQ’s about the DX service is available at

The DX Health Team are available Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm on 0333 2415100

Please ensure you check the DX website for the most recent updates regarding sample drop offs:

Please note that DX service does not offer collection on a Saturday or Sunday.



Our preferred method for sample return is to return to one of our clinics as we hand deliver your sample to the lab in the quickest time possible.

If these return options do not suit your needs, you may choose to return your sample via an alternative courier at your own risk, however, please note that this may result in a delay to your test result as many do not operate 7 days a week.

You should ensure the alternative courier can deliver biological samples to our laboratory next day tracked, you must select and pay for the appropriate service in full or your sample will not reach Randox. Samples must arrive within 70 hours of swabbing to undergo testing.

Please note that customers arranging their own sample return are responsible for this.

Use the below address to return your sample for testing via an alternative courier:

FAO Accessioning

Randox Science Park

30 Randalstown Rd

Co Antrim

BT41 4LF

Northern Ireland